Honourable Minister Mmusi Kgafela Meets with Netherlands-Africa Business Council (NABC) Managing Director, Ms Rosmarijn Fens

Brussels, Monday 20th June 2022: the Minister of Trade and Industry, Honourable Mmusi Kgafela and the members of staff from the Embassy of Botswana in Belgium met with the Netherland-Africa Business Council (NABC) Managing Director, Ms Rosmarijn Fens and her team to discuss among others, the mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities between Botswana and the Netherlands; and the trade and investment promotion event scheduled for September 2022. The focus areas for the event are Agriculture (horticulture and poultry) and Pharmaceuticals.

In 2021, the Embassy worked with NABC to provide technical assistance, market intelligence, and research to support the Government of Botswana’s quest to diversify the economy and promote inclusive economic growth, employment, and decent work. NABC is the leading organisation for trade and investment facilitation for Africa in the Netherlands. With a network of nearly 250 engaged Members across diverse sectors and access to a community of over 10,000 African and European businesses. The NABC strongly believes that the private sector has a crucial role in ensuring that Africa reaps the benefits from strengthened FDI flows to become globally competitive.

The Minister highlighted the investment opportunities in Botswana to attract NABC members’ interest in Botswana. During the meeting, the Minister also received markets intelligence reports from Ms. Rosmarijn Fens that the NABC prepared for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.